Trust Services

At the Castleman Academy Trust we have an unwavering belief that collaboration is the most powerful tool to ensuring our schools are successful. This comes in many forms, from staff sharing good practice to our pupils working together to learn new skills and make new connections, socially and academically. Cross school and phase training, research and events are integral to us working effectively together to ensure our schools continuously improve but it is not just with learning that we experience excellence.

Our ability to procure excellent and cost effective resources also increases the more we collaborate together. There are many services we share to enhance learning across the Trust. However, we also understand that there are times when a school’s need is bespoke and unique. Over time, the Trust has developed, provided, procured and supported services and resources based on need and can do so for any school within the Trust.

The services identified below are not an exhaustive list. They are an indication of the sort of support we have been asked about and/or provided since the Trust began. Castleman Academy Trust is committed to providing a bespoke service to schools to ensure the best possible support to ensure excellent standards of learning.

What is certain is that our schools work together to design the best possible support for them to ensure they make learning “irresistible”, ensure our staff are well supported and trained and that we use precious funding wisely and creatively for all stakeholders.

People Services
Executive Headteacher School Improvement Support Services
Clerk to Trust Clerking Services
Advice and Guidance
Specialist Educational Support *SALT
*Ed Psych
*Mental Health
*Behavioural Support
Partnerships with other specialist providers.
Safeguarding Policy Compliance and monitoring
Attendance at meetings
Liaising with specialists
Reporting to Headteachers & Governors
Specialist Educational Support *SALT
*Ed Psych
*Mental Health
*Behavioural Support
Partnerships with other specialist providers
Finance Strategic Financial Planning
Business Case Writing
Due diligence and Options Appraisal.
Accountancy and Audit Services
Finance Support Contracts
Conversion Support
Bid and Grant Application Provision
Risk Management and Assurance Services
Procurement Support
Marketing Branding
PR & Communications
Events Management
HR and Operations HR and Payroll Support
Conversion Support
Occupational Health
Contract Management
HR Advisory support
Pensions Administration
Business Continuity and Recovery
Provision for Supply Cover
Information Governance
ICT Manager and team ICT System
ICT Support
Technical Support
Licensing and Contract Management
Compliance Support
Estates Management Centrally Managed Resources (Assets and Stocks)
Health and Safety Support
CPD Programme Provision
Asset Management including lettings, CIF application process
Project Management
Other Services * Recruitment & Retention Benefits
MIS Support
Legal Support

* In discussion and agreement as a Trust